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Immaculate is a premium luxurious shampoo. Safe on waxes and sealants yet still providing a slick bubbly foam to help glide over your bodywork. Once on your bodywork the advanced formula will help break down dirt and grime whilst providing a lubricated surface for your wash mitt. In addition to this, it is highly concentrated and easy-rinsing. When used with a wash mitt you're ensured of a professional and safe wash.

- Advanced slick formula.

- High Foaming

- Safe on all surfaces


- Simply add a couple of capfuls into half a bucket of warm water.

- Agitate product with a pressure washer or hose until suds fill the bucket.

- Use a wash mitt to gather suds and wipe down vehicle.

- Once vehicle is washed use a pressure washer or hose to wash product away.

- Top tip when washing we recommend the two bucket method.